16 slots manage
LB-RM-1600 19-inch media converter rack mount classis is designed to supply 16 slots of various types of media converter modules at a central location for multiple segments cross connection. Users can transparently link backbone equipments such as switches, routers to LAN workgroup segments.
* 19  2U rack, easy for focus management
* 16 slots for media converter module
* Power AC 220V or DC -48V optional
* Power is backup 1+1
* double /single fiber with bi-direction optional
* 10/100M,1000M media converter module optional
* Auto-identify MDI/MDIX
* 10M,100M,full/half duplex auto negotiation
* Optional choose storage trasmit or straight mode
* Support100Base-Fx fiber transmit standardParameter
* Dimension: 426mm278mm88mm
* Input power: 220VAC or -48VDC
* Output power: 5V
* Maximum output voltage:50W
* Weight:5Kg
* Working temperature: -1070
* Storage temperature: -2080
* Humidity: 5%95%no-condensing

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