16-Slot 2U Rack
16-Slot 2U Rack
LB-RM-1600 19-inch media converter rack mount classis is designed to supply 16 slots of various types of media converter modules at a central location for multiple segments cross connection. Users can transparently link backbone equipments such as switches, routers to LAN workgroup segments. Because of each module operates independently, new modules may be added as requested. This flexibility allows the unit to grow with the network. Installation is easy, simply slide module into the chassis,then the media is connected. All of the LB-RM-1600 modules are hot swappable thus eliminating costly network downtime.
LB-RM-1600 converter rack fits cleanly into any network environment. With a slim low profile chassis and a mix of 10Mbps, 100Mbps and Gigabit media converter cards, the LB-RM-1600  becomes the perfect solution for connecting today's evolving networks.
* 19  2U rack, easy for focus management
* 16 slots for media converter module
* Power AC 220V or DC -48V optional
* Power is backup 1+1
* double /single fiber with bi-direction optional
* 10/100M,1000M media converter module optional
* Auto-identify MDI/MDIX
* 10M,100M,full/half duplex auto negotiation
* Optional choose storage trasmit or straight mode
* Support100Base-Fx fiber transmit standard
* Dimension: 426mm278mm88mm
* Input power: 220VAC or -48VDC
* Output power: 5V
* Maximum output voltage:50W
* Weight:5Kg
* Working temperature: -10桫70
* Storage temperature: -20桫80
* Humidity: 5%95%no-condensing

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