4E1+100M PDH multiplexer
Product details
4E1+100M PDH multiplexer is a kind of facility of full transparent transmission, which realize the transmission of audio and data. It has the capacity  4*2Mand support one channel PCM duty telephone additionally and one 100M ethernet interface. It also could be added one channel RS232 data portwhich does not engross 2M channel.
* It is 19 inch 1U racks.
* Support 3 E1 and 1 V.35 ports.
* Adopt cosmically CMOS chip, simple electrocircuit, low power wastage, high reliability
* Support 4 E1 ports,1 RS232 and1 PCM duty telephone and 100M ethernet interface.
* Power AC 220V or DC -48V optional
* Transmit distance up to 40Km
Power supply
* Input voltage DC+24V DC-48V AC220V AC110V
* Voltage range 20 VDC 36VDC Or 38 VDC 72 VDC 180VAC 260VAC
* Power consumption 10 W
Environment requirement
* Operating temperature 0 50
* Storage temperature 40 +70
* Relative humidity 95 %
* Atmospheric pressure 70 106 kpa
* Non-corrosion and non-solvent gas
* Non-dust
* Non-magnetic field interference

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