Shenzhen Lianbang Communication Technology Co., LTD focuses on broadband optical fiber access field and concentrates on fusion of optical networking technology¡¢Ethernet technology and broadband access technology. It takes optical communication¡¢video communication and access network as orientation and integrated by the business of self-development, production¡¢sale and services. Besides, we have a strong power and overall advantages in optical communication industry. With our advanced technology¡¢high quality product and fast service, as well as many years of high-speed development, we have become the main supplier for broadband fiber networking access equipment and comprehensive access solution in China¡¢Asia-Pacific area¡¢Europe and America regions, North-America regions. At the same time, our communication technology is widely used in TELECOM¡¢Mobile¡¢Unicom¡¢government¡¢institution and so on.
Lianbang Communication adheres to ¡°technology oriented, quality based, lead the industrial new technology, make Lianbang excellent brand¡±. Besides, it is engaged in self-developed product and technical innovation, possessing a first-class team to develop fiber communication products and unique intellectual property. The company¡¯s principle is ¡°quality first, client first¡±, constantly create new fiber networking communication facilities and serve client with integrity. And while it considers ¡°honesty¡¢practical result¡¢innovation¡¢professionalism¡¢win-win¡± as its concept, which has enabled the company to get trust and support from its vast users.

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