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Shenzhen Lianbang Communication Technology Co., LTD focuses on broadband optical fiber access field and concentrates on fusion of optical networking technology、Ethernet technology and broadband access technology. It takes optical communication、video communication and access network as orientation and integrated by the business of self-development, production、sale and services. Besides, we have a strong power and overall advantages in optical communication industry. With our advanced technology、high quality product and fast service, as well as many years of high-speed development, we have become the main supplier for broadband fiber networking access equipment and comprehensive access solution in China、Asia-Pacific area、Europe and America regions, North-America regions. At the same time, our communication technology is widely used in TELECOM、Mobile、Unicom、government、institution and so on.

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信息发布 2007/6/25
Shenzhen Federal Communications Technology Co., Ltdri   
Address: Qihang Building 502,Longtang Community,Minzhi street,Baoan District,Shenzheng
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